Chile is amazing. No two ways about it. It is South America’s little gem. The people are so wonderful, they’re some of the friendliest you’ll meet! Also, there’s so much to see and do – you’ll have entertainment constantly! Ok, so a few things about being in the beauty that is La Calera/Chile in general:

First off, you’re being cared for by one of the lovliest families you’re going to meet – they’re amazing. Even if there’s a language barrier, you can tell how lovely they are.

Not many in Chile speak the English – so get your Espanol our nice and good.

Pay big attention to the Gap Chile team – they’re COMPLETELY amazing, and they totally know what they’re doing, so you don’t need to fret – you’re in good hands.

My favourite place to visit in this area is Valparaiso. It’s painfully cool (if not a little dodgy in parts), and there’s so much to see around the place. That said, there’s no where quite like Calera. The people here are extremely polite and don’t for one second make you feel like a foreigner – seriously you’ll feel like a true Chilean in no time. The moment you realise that you’ve left your roots behind and come to the Chilean side is either when you hear the national anthem and shout “Viva Chile!” – full of pride – or when you hear reggaton and you like it – worryingly, yet liberating all the same.

One of the most gratifying things is when either one of the nursery children, or the children from the orphanage, whip out some English, with beautiful pronounciation, and you see their faces light up when you say “MUY BIEN!” a ridiculous number of times – seriously a little tear comes to your eye. It’s worth flying half way across the world for – cheesy but so true.

Basically, Chile is one of the most beautiful places you could visit. The people are an ABSOLUTE treat, they become your family and it’s stunning to look at – waing up to the mountains outside your window (well hills but they look like mountains to me!). Gap Chile is amazing, and gives such wonderful opportunities that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. It’s bound to be the best time of your life! Gotta love Chile.


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