So we headed down south to Pichilemu and hired a car to do so. Its pretty simple via bus (or so i’m told) although I haven’t actually done that yet so I probably shouldnt comment.

It took us around 3 hours from Valparaiso and was actually a really scenic route with good roads pretty much the entire trip. February is peak season so the Pichilemu beach itself was pretty rammed with kids, swimmers and sunbathers. Not suprising really to see alot of chilean families making most of the weather and apparantly a lot of Argentinians travel to the Chilean coast for the summer too. It was also the ALAS surf competitions which are held on the Punta de Lobos beach just outside Pichilemu so probably an extra crowded week. The water however was relatively crowdless, with a small group of surfers making the most of a peak in the swell on Pichilemu beach and a host of surfers taking advantage of the Punta de lobos wave round the corner from the competition area.

Finding accomodation was really easy with a lot of cabanas, rooms, hotels and hostels to haggle with as well as locals standing on the street side with cardboard signs for houses and apartments to rent so you don’t need to book in advance to find a place down there although i’m sure it saves the extra hassle.

If youre looking to buy a board in Chile – we saw a few signs for surf shops but didnt actually head in ourselves as we travelled in to Santiago to find a recommended shop. Board rental for foamies and larger boards was pretty cheap – around 4/5 luca (thousand pesos) for the day, not sure what it would cost for a wetsuit which is pretty much essential in these waters. I saw maybe one guy brave the cold wetsuitless and i’m pretty sure he didn’t last longer than half an hour.

Overall, Pichilemu was amazing and offered some of the best waves i’ve seen so far in Chile. It really does live up to the hype and is pretty easy on the eye too with black sand beaches and plenty to do in the evenings.

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