I came to Chile for a new experience in my life far away from the world I live in where I work in a coorporation and to be able to give something of myself to others. I have come away with a weath of experiences and many wonderful memories. From the friendly greeting at the airport (and queque and agua from my new-found friend Ruth) to the wonderful hospitality of the Duran family and extended family (tias Maribel and Anna). You can’t come here and not find Chileans to be a friendly bunch of people. They enjoy life and especially here in the Duran house where Maria has been fabulous! I know she will need to have this translated but I especially want to thank Maria for being so Helpful, patient and always laughing!

Every experience will remain with me. The children are marvellous both here and at the orphanage. I was especially privileged to go to the Down Syndrome Colegio ‘Armonia’ where they simply do an amazing job for the children. Grasp everything with open arms, enjoy your time and use every minute profitably – it’s something that will stay with you for a long long time.

I have made many friends here in Chile that I hope to see again one day and Ruth it’s been fabulous knowing you.

Love to all and very best wishes to Male and Manuel on the approaching birth of their baby!

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