My main reason for coming to La Calera was to work with the children in the nursery. What amazing little people they have been. There are some awesome characters amongst them. I just loved baking classes on Wednesday with Abueli, dress up time, sing song time, let’s all climb on Tia Ruth time and just about every other activity along the way.

Tia Maribel and Anna have a heart of gold and are both fantastic with the kids. Just get stuck in with them, the wee ones don’t care if you can’t speak or understand Spanish. I do wish I was able to get more of their amazing exciting stories though. I really have loved it.

Maria, where do I start! No problem is ever too big even if she doesn’t quite get what the problem is. She will come to your rescue every time. A very very wonderful lady.

Manuel and Male…thank you so much for helping me out with all my random requests. I wish you both all the very best with your baby and with jogi, I think you might have your hands full!

Other than the nursery, I spent some time at the orphanage. Again these are great kids with bags of energy. Push them on a swing, kick a football about or just give them a hug, they really don’t care they just want some love and attention.

Number one tip…get to know the locals. I was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of a few of the kids’ parents. What great people they are. We danced, laughed, partied and had an absolute blast.

I leave in the morning in the hope that the nice border people let me into Argentina on my bike to begin the second part of my South America adventure.

Jardin LIA and all those involved, I have loved it. I have many amazing memories of wonderful little and big people. Chile, it has been a pleasure.

Much love,


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