La Semilla

La Semilla

Alice volunteering in Chile with la Semilla

We are proud to Introduce- La Semilla – a foundation that organises Summer Camps for disadvantaged kids. … Read more

Everybody Zumba!

Foreground, from left: Zumba instructor Ellena Brooks, fund-raiser Sarah Hughes

 and charity founder Clare Duran are joined by fellow Zumba dancers celebrating

 the success of their fancy dress Zumbathon.


A tropical flavour, featuring Pirates of the Caribbean, hula-hula skirts and desert-island garlands, was among themes chosen by members of the Zumba classes at Welwyn Civic Centre when they staged a fund-raising fancy-dress night.

 The Zumbathon raised around £360 for the St Albans-based Elisa Educational Trust, which is supporting a nursery at La Calera in Chile, providing free education to disadvantaged children and help for local orphans. … Read more


Helping kids with Down’s Syndrome

Today we presented the Armonia School for Children with Down’s Syndrome with a cheque for $1000 and got to see first hand the amazing work they are doing.

The Anglo-chilean society in Britain hosted a fundraising day which invited everyone to London to buy food from all over South America. There were stalls which sold food from Peru, Bolivia even from Central America and it was all made by the people who … Read more


Tsunami Warnings

This morning La Casa Grande woke up to Maria turning on the news and telling us all about the Tsunami warning that has been issued to all South American countries lining the Pacific Ocean. We are all pretty gutted to hear about the 8.9 earthquake … Read more


Carol – A new experience

I came to Chile for a new experience in my life far away from the world I live in where I work in a coorporation and to be able to give something of myself to others. I have come away with a weath of experiences and many wonderful memories. From the friendly greeting at the airport (and queque and agua from my new-found friend Ruth) to the wonderful hospitality of the Duran family and extended family (tias Maribel and Anna). You can’t come here and not find Chileans to be … Read more


Ruth – Get to know the locals

My main reason for coming to La Calera was to work with the children in the nursery. What amazing little people they have been. There are some awesome characters amongst them. I just loved baking classes on Wednesday with Abueli, dress up time, sing song time, let’s all climb on Tia Ruth time and just about every other activity along the way.

Tia Maribel and Anna have a heart of gold and are both fantastic with the kids. Just get stuck in with them, the wee ones don’t care if you can’t speak … Read more

Jade en Chile

Jade – Cachai

Hola! I’m Jade from New Zealand. I’m 18 years old, and have been living in the great La Calera for the past month. And with no exaggeration, I can truthfully say it had been one of the best experiences in my life so far. I am actually writing this from the car, on the way to the airport, at 3am…because … Read more


Sam – Don’t Milk it

I only spent a couple of weeks in Chile but the brief time I did spend was amazing. I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I first arrived but in no time at all you are made to feel like a member of the family and the concern you may have soon disappears. The language barrier was a small issue for me as I didn’t speak a word of Spanish before I arrived but the Gap Chile team seem to have unparalleled patience and never get bothered about how little of what they say you may understand.

The views in Chile are spectacular and I would definitely … Read more


Kerrianne – Gotta Love Chile

Chile is amazing. No two ways about it. It is South America’s little gem. The people are so wonderful, they’re some of the friendliest you’ll meet! Also, there’s so much to see and do – you’ll have entertainment constantly! Ok, so a few things about being in the beauty that is La Calera/Chile in general:

First off, you’re being cared for by one of the lovliest families you’re going to meet – they’re amazing. Even if there’s a language barrier, you can tell how lovely they are.

Not many in Chile speak the English – so get your Espanol our nice and good.

Pay big attention to the Gap Chile team – they’re COMPLETELY … Read more

Volunteer Feedback

These are a collection of snippets taken from our Volunteer Book in Chile. We leave this book for volunteers to write feedback and general tips to other volunteers in the house too. I haven’t written everything as I feel some should be left for the volunteers in La Casa grande but a huge thanks to every volunteer who took the time to contribute to this book.

And boy what neat writing you all have!