Quintay is a pretty small town south of Valparaiso and although not offering a lot, I would say it’s a pretty cool little place. We drove there so again not sure how easy it is to get to via bus but public transport in Chile really is pretty good and really reliable with buses coming frequently and often late into the night.

We turned up really late expecting to get a place to stay and everywhere was full. We found one cabanas place which had a room – la belle vue – for about $25,000 chilean pesos which got swiped from under our feet as we were discussing it by a family of 6 who were also pretty desperate for a room. So they … Read more



So we headed down south to Pichilemu and hired a car to do so. Its pretty simple via bus (or so i’m told) although I haven’t actually done that yet so I probably shouldnt comment.

It took us around 3 hours from Valparaiso and was actually a really scenic route with good roads pretty much the entire trip. February is peak season so the Pichilemu beach itself was pretty rammed with kids, swimmers and sunbathers. Not suprising really to see alot of chilean families making most of the weather and apparantly a lot of Argentinians travel to the Chilean coast for the summer too. It was also the ALAS surf competitions which … Read more


New Year, New Beginnings

So there has been some progress going on in Chile and even though the schools are closed for the summer holidays, we’ve used that as a great opportunity to find other projects and start having talks with them about taking on volunteers.

I have flown back to Chile and am working on setting up more voluntary opportunities from here and I am delighted to have another Volunteer helping us out here too.

If you would like to follow what I’m up to … Read more


A few updates…

I guess one of our first entries on here should put right a couple of things we haven’t yet got fixed on other pages yet.


This programme is open to anyone. Not just students. Why that word stuck to my little fingers when writing the content, I have no idea. As long as you are a) over 18, b) pass a couple of our requirements such as a POB check and c) a nice person (if you’re looking into doing volunteer work then the latter is usually a given) then we’ll take you on.

Secondly … Read more


Welcome to the Gap Chile Blog!

Welcome to Gap Chile’s Blog. To help you get a better idea of who we are and what we’re about let us tell you a little something about us:

Gap Chile is an organisation that celebrates people doing what they love; whether that is teaching English or learning how to surf.  Gap Chile aims to help, support and fund projects based in Chile, South America who are all aiming to build up the community that surrounds them. For English speaking volunteers we provide the opportunity to embrace a diverse culture, gain experience in areas of their interest and try something new.

Why are we in business? We are in business to defend people who need it the most. For us; it is not about giving a small percentage of a volunteer’s fee to the end project in return for providing something for … Read more